The Fort Worth Mediator Fees

​Fees are divided between clients as they agree and must be paid prior to the mediation session.

Services Include

  • Individual Client Conferences which ares helpful to ascertain clients' mediation goals without compromising the quality or neutrality of the mediation process. This is a good time to create a highlight of each client's goals for mediation as well as a tentative-flow plan of discussion. If may be necessary to conduct the sessions individually on a different day before the session.
  • Document preparation for mediation and data collection as many clients want to be provided proof by other parties before making informed decisions.
  • The mediation session(s) may be as little as a single session, but clients will have as many sessions needed to accomplish their goals.
  • Email and phone calls back-and-forth on behalf of clients
  • The Mediation Settlement Agreement is drafted between the parties, if the parties successfully reach their mediation goals. Temporary agreements will be drafted to return if more than one session is required to complete the final agreement. Clients can allow the mediator to scribe, or can scribe themselves through Microsoft Word which can be later converted to an unchangeable PDF document. The mediator may always provide grammatical corrections for clarity.

Other Information

Mediators are not to practice law during mediation. By law attorneys are not required to attend mediation, but you should always seek legal advice if you need. In fact, your mediator must ethically delay, reschedule, or terminate mediation if it is determined that legal advice will be in your best interest before continuing. This does not happen often, but could be necessary.

If reconvening or rescheduling is necessary, it will be done without incurring additional charges unless the scheduled time was exhausted. That can be further discussed in your free-phone consultation.

Deborah helps clients brainstorm ideas when it seems hopeless, and makes clients understand that participants who have the decision-making authority to participate in the mediation sessions are each equally her clients.
What is revealed during mediation cannot be revealed unless the confidence reveals harm against children, the elderly, or past or planned commission of crimes as detailed by law.